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Benefits of Using a Solar Broker

There’s now a significantly better way to consider going solar.

The complicated process of considering solar currently involves homeowners doing hours of research to learn about the industry, sitting through sales pitches from multiple companies, then trying to make sense of very different bids. Between Power Purchase Agreements, leasing, purchasing with cash, financing, or using PACE products such as HERO and Ygrene, how is the average homeowner supposed to know that they are truly getting the best fit for their home and financial situation?

Using a solar broker simplifies the entire process and gives homeowners access to industry experts that live and breathe solar. Not only does it not cost the homeowner any more to use a broker, they are able to get their clients even better deals since all of the companies providing bids are bidding against one another. With access to every option in the industry and relationships with companies that specialize in each, brokers educate their clients about all of the options the industry has to offer instead of being limited to offering only one way of going solar. They receive the same commission by whichever company their clients choose so they can provide truly unbiased advice.

If you’re considering solar for your home or commercial property, take advantage of the benefits a broker can offer you. Sit back, relax, and leave all of the work up to us.

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