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The Financial Benefits of Going Solar for Zero Cost in San Diego

I recently transitioned careers and got into the solar industry offering solar products from Sunrun, the largest dedicated residential solar company in the nation and Costco’s exclusive solar partner. What I’ve learned thus far about the power industry has simply fascinated me.

If you own a home in San Diego and receive power from a traditional power company, you only have one choice. You pay your bill automatically and for the most part just know that you pay “x” amount on average every month. But have you ever examined your bill to see what you’re really paying for?

Solar in San Diego

The electricity portion of your SDGE bill is summarized on page 3 of your bill. Your total electric costs are what you’re paying for electricity that month. Now look at Electricity Generation, that’s the amount you were charged for the power you used, usually a reasonable amount. This is only a portion of your bill, and usually the smallest…so why is your bill so much higher than your actual usage? The other portion is mainly comprised of fees you are being charged to get that electricity from the power plant to your home. Let’s call it shipping. It’s like buying a pair of shoes on Amazon for $71 and being charged an additional $80 in shipping! The larger your bill, the more disproportionate it becomes.

What happens when you decide to go solar for zero cost is you not only get a discount on your Electricity Generation, you eliminate ALL the extra fees on your bill associated with transporting the power all the way from the power plants in Arizona. You localize your power source, utilize the sun (our greatest natural resource) to produce your power, and lock in a super low energy rate for the next 20 years. The best part: it costs you absolutely nothing to do so!

The ownership, installation, maintenance, monitoring, insurance are completely covered. The performance of the system is 100% guaranteed. If you decide to sell your home, you fill out a simple one page transfer form and the new owner steps into the low rates right where you leave off. It's a Power Purchase Agreement, not a lease. There is no lien placed on your home or on your panels and it doesn't go against your debt to income ratio.

The benefits for you are simple. By replacing your traditional power company with Sunrun, you are no longer subject to their annual rate increases and are helping the environment in the same way you do when you recycle. But most importantly, you are going to save a lot of money doing so month after month.

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